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Replacement ServicesGrowing up as a child my sister and I would realize very soon that our grandmother didn’t really have such luscious beautiful black hair that we thought she did. We would always wonder how grandma could have such nice dark black hair but still have wrinkles on your face. Until one day we came across her collection of wigs that she had in her room. It still didn’t quite click, not until we saw the horrid mess that was actually her real hair.

You see back then hair replacement was as simple as trip to the salon to get a wig. It was a very easy process and wasn’t too expensive. Of course there were higher-end wigs that you could purchase, although day to day wigs were not going to break the bank. Now however, we’re noticing that many elderly are going towards other types of services and some are even spending money on hair extensions.

A hair transplant would be the official and true way of doing hair replacement, although many men and women do not want to have to go down that route if they don’t have to. Not only can it be costly, but it can also be a nerve-wracking procedure for anybody who isn’t used to surgery.

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May 18, 2016 / Faris

Wake Up & Blow Dry After living in Edmonton for about 5 years we have realized that there is a large demand for hair extensions and hair replacement services. Not only is there a large mix of younger teens and young adults, but there is also a large mix of the elderly who are starting to require hair as a necessity for looking presentable in public. With Edmonton and Calgary being two of the most richest cities in western Canada, there is no wonder why these accessories cost so much. Not only does the hair cost a lot, but having extensions sewn in and applied can also be pricey as well.

Virgin Natural Hair In EdmontonFor anybody who is on the lookout for sew-in/weave, clip-in, hot fusion or more then you’re definitely in luck. Since these are some of the most common, most suppliers will have a large selection to choose from. One thing you definitely want to make sure of is that the hair extensions and wigs that you purchase are from 100% real hair sources. Finding dealers that provide this type of genuine hair can be hard and are usually on the more expensive end.

The problem with cheap hair extensions Edmonton services is that they don’t usually last anywhere near as long and really do not contain all human hair. Sometimes the hair is actually synthetic and can easily be spotted when burned with a lighter or match. Real hair will usually turn white and powdery. However, fake hair will usually crumpled-up like plastic.

How To Get Your Hair Extensions For Cheaper?

One method that we have noticed for customers to get a hold of their preferred extensions for cheaper is by ordering from places online. There are even some suppliers who will order for you and allow you to come pick them up locally at your convenience (with free shipping). You would think that with these types of services you would be paying more however your prices are actually a lot less. The reason we believe it’s because of the possible risk of ordering online instead of ordering directly from a retail store and seeing it for yourself. The only thing we have to go buy online his pictures, reviews and the word of the company you are dealing with. If you are dealing with PayPal or any other reputable transaction service then you should be covered if the item you receive is not as described.

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May 17, 2016 / Faris